Since 2017, The Candle Shack LLC has been a well-known Natural Soap and Candle Store in Lagrange. What started out as a hobby, has become our passion and we're delighted to share it with you. We’re proud to have produced years of happy customers and look forward to continuing our work for many more to come! In May of 2021, we will Rebrand our name to reflect the growing brand we have added to our line. Ramsey Skincare was inspired by my daughter Jenna. We hope you will Love the newest brand along with many add on we will have to "rejuvenate" your Beauty, your senses, and your wellbeing.

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About Ramsey Skincare


Every item in Ramsey Skincare's new skincare line is produced using ground-breaking characteristic fixings that infiltrate profound into the skin to feed and revive. Together, they work comprehensively on a more profound dimension, to address intense subject matter states and upgrade general prosperity.

The uncommon and valuable fixings utilized in our skincare items incorporate actives, for example, argan immature microorganisms, Kalpariane™ ocean growth separate, and hyaluronic corrosive, and basic oils running from sandalwood, golden, rose and palo santo, to juniper, jasmine, and tuberose.

Other key fixings are botanicals, for example, maca, arnica, nectar, and beeswax, minerals including amethyst and jade, and valuable metal and characteristic composite powders of homeopathic silver, gold, copper, and pearl. Night primrose, moringa, calendula, ocean buckthorn, and rosehip oils contribute their recuperating power, alongside rainforest muds, and wild-gathered spreads, for example, babassu, cupuacu, shea, and murumuru.

Ramsey Skincare items are appropriate for people all things considered and skin types.


We strive for excellent customer service. Our customers are our number one priority! Each order is handmade one by one with our customers in mind. Our freshly made products are all custom made per order we receive. We are proud of our excellent customer service and our fast shipping.

Our Values